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Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt applies the Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry in the Netherlands.

We offer the possibility of deducting 10% of the reserved number of rooms free of charge up to 7 days before the first date of arrival.We wish to receive the list of names for the reserved rooms 2 weeks before the event.

When a reservation for accommodation only, with or without breakfast, is made for a group, the following applies to the cancellation of that reservation (unless otherwise agreed in writing). In case of Cancellation before the point in time when under the terms of the Catering Agreement the first Catering Service is to be provided, to be referred to further as: “the Commencement Date”, the Customer is obliged to pay to the Catering Establishment the following percentages of the Reservation Value which must be paid by the Customer in case of Cancellation:

  • More than 3 months before the start date: 0%
  • More than 2 months before the start date: 15%
  • More than 1 month before the start date: 35%
  • More than 14 days before the start date: 60%
  • More than 7 days before the start date: 85%
  • 7 days or less before the start date: 100%

(9.2.2 Groups – Uniform Conditions of Hospitality)

If a reservation was made for a group then the following applies to cancellation of the said reservation:

  • More than 6 months before the reserved time: 0%
  • More than 3 months before the reserved time: 10%
  • More than 2 months before the reserved time: 15%
  • More than 1 month before the reserved time: 35%
  • More than 14 days before the reserved time: 60%
  • More than 7 days before the reserved time: 85%
  • 7 days or less before the reserved time: 100%

(9.4.2 Groups – Uniform Conditions of Hospitality)


We would like to receive information about dietary requirements and/or allergies at least one week in advance. Of course, our kitchen takes special wishes into account as much as possible, but we cannot give full guarantee when the products concerned are used in the kitchen. Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt is therefore not responsible for any cross-contamination.


If the reservation includes hotel rooms, we would like to receive the final number of hotel rooms + the list of names completed two weeks prior to the event. If we do not receive the final numbers and/or list of names two weeks prior to the event, all reserved hotel rooms must be paid for. In addition, please inform us whether the cost of the overnight stays and any extras may be charged to the total bill or to the individual guest’s account. Beds are made up as a double bed as standard, but can be separated on request. This must be communicated in advance. Guests can check in from 3pm in the Lobby of Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt. The check-out time is before 11am. The prices of the rooms do not include the service charge.


It is possible to change the setup of the room(s) you’ve booked in advance. If a change in the setup needs to be made on the day itself, costs may be charged for this.


Price agreements which are made may be subject to change due to the strongly changing economic situation.


Our booking module allows to process invoicing wishes. These must be reported in advance. For groups of 15 people and more, all costs will be charged on account.


Bringing (valuable) items and/or goods is at your own risk. Apart from the hotel rooms, there are no safes available at Vaeshartelt.


All our (meeting) rooms are equipped with a BenQ Smart Screen or beamer installation. These can be used via an HDMI connection or smartphone. Technical support can be arranged upon request. If other audiovisual equipment such as a microphone are needed, we can book this on request.


Do you bring decoration to your (exclusive) event? Keep in mind that this must be picked up the day after in connection with other events that take place at Vaeshartelt. If the decoration has not been collected after 7 days, we will clean it up.


Vaeshartelt is easily accessible by almost all means of transport. We have a (covered) bicycle shed and a large (free) parking space. In about 12 minutes you are in the center of Maastricht by car. From Maastricht Noord station, the center of Maastricht can be reached cheaply by bus, train or (shared) bicycle. It is also possible to travel from this station to Valkenburg or Heerlen. This station, which also has a large P&R, is a 5-minute drive from Vaeshartelt. The station is also easily accessible on foot from Vaeshartelt. You can walk there in about 10 minutes via the Beukenlaan. The exact times of public transport can be requested at the reception.


At Vaeshartelt, in addition to organized breakfasts, lunches or dinners, it is also possible toenjoy a snack and drink in one of our restaurants. Order a vegetarian burger in The Greenhouse, a delicious cocktail in The Bar or classic comfort food in The Bistro. There’s something for everyone!


Do you have a break during your meeting or event and do you feel like a change of scenery? We have walking routes of various distan- ces through our park available at the reception. Perfect for a bit of moving around and returning relaxed. The three coffee corners on the meeting floor are also great places to relax and chat while enjoying a cup of Blanche Dael coffee or tea and a biscuit.


Vaeshartelt is more than just a building. We are surrounded by a beautiful park where there is plenty to do. In the park you can find a large English landscaped garden, a vineyard, the Star Forest, a lot of fruit trees and shrubs, a bee pavilion and much more. A relaxing walk is therefore always within reach.


Did you know that an extensive forest area used to be called a Hartelt or Hartert? In 1381, a certain Jan van Hees left the entire forest area around Vaeshartelt to Servaes van Mulcken. Since then, the area has been called “Hartelt of (Ser)Vaes” or Vaeshartelt. The coat of arms of Vaeshartelt, a shield with red and white stripes with the falcon on top, dates from the same period as the name was created. The falcon is a symbol of power and strength. Vaeshartelt’s current logo is also a falcon, although it is a bit more abstract.

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