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How do you get to Maastricht?

7 to 21 August: Noorderbrug bridge closed
Maastricht's Noorderbrug bridge will be closed to all traffic from the morning of Monday 7 August to the morning of Monday 21 August 2017. This will unfortunately disrupt traffic in and around the city. Think carefully about whether you really need to travel by car in that period.

How do you get to the city centre?
Travel smart: cycle, take public transport, or make use of smart parking options sucs as P+R. That will reduce the disruption you experience and you will also be contributing to a more accessible city. Benefit now from the smart travel offers that can help you on your way at a discount. If you do want to go to the city centre by car, be sure to check diversions, parking tips, and traffic updates beforehand.

View all the smart travel offers at: www.maastrichtbereikbaar.nl/bridge. Further information about diversions, recommended routes and tips for motorists will also be posted on this page.