Welcome to the Vaeshartelt car rally! You go out with your own car and cross the nicest and most beautiful places in the South Limburg area on the basis of a challenging navigation tour. Both experienced and non-experienced rally drivers can participate. So are you competitive and do you feel like spending the afternoon exploring? Register via the booking module at the bottom right of the website.


You will of course receive the road book with the package. You will also receive a packed lunch for 2 for the road and you will receive a cup of coffee / tea and a brownie upon your return. The packed lunch includes a smoothie, vegetarian wrap, piece of hand fruit, luxurious salad and a piece of homemade cake.


In the road book you will find the navigation tour, rules, assignments and a scorecard. The rally must be driven by teams of (at least) 2 people (driver and navigator). The goal is to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in the most relaxed way possible, but also to compete for the prize! Furthermore, the road book contains the following four routes: sphere arrow, photo route, sphere arrow and drawn line. The route is about 100km and takes about 3.5 hours in total (depending on breaks).


This rally also has a nice price for the winners! When you return, if you want to participate in the competition, you can hand your scorecard to us. This is possible until the end of August 2021. Shortly afterwards we will announce the winner of a dinner for 2 in our fine dining restaurant The Ballroom!