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Planning to go on a city trip? Maastricht is always a good idea! But believe us, one day is not enough for a visit to this lovely city. Would you also like to stay overnight in Maastricht? Choose a special overnight stay at Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt. This will give you plenty of time to explore the area at your leisure, because there is simply so much to experience in the pleasant, Burgundian Limburg!

Vaeshartelt is a hotel near Maastricht, situated in a magnificent landscaped park. The modern annexes house the 83 luxury hotel rooms and the hotel suite. Our castle hotel is the perfect choice for a romantic overnight stay. The castle with medieval origins has a rich history. This history is clear to see as soon as you arrive. This place is transformed into a lively and magical place by the tree-lined avenues that have been around for centuries, water features, vistas and grazing sheep.


  • Five minutes by car from Maastricht city centre
  • Free parking right outside
  • Plenty of choices for great food & drink
  • Unique meetings and parties in style
  • 23 hectares of nature surrounding the buitenplaats (perfect for cycling or walking)
  • A sunny park sidewalk café with stunning views
  • Shops are open every Sunday in Maastricht (great for the shopaholics among us)
  • Great hotspots for young and old
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