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Leave the busy life behind you for a while and come to an oasis of peace. Curl up with a book and a glass of wine before bed. Allow yourself to peacefully fall asleep until you are woken by the serene sounds of nature. Stretch, throw open the windows, and look out over the quiet view as nature awakens with you. Immerse yourself in this moment; it is not every day that you wake up in such a regal environment. As you wake from your peaceful slumber, savour the view through windows which frame the beautiful gardens outside like a painting of a pastoral landscape.

The rooms in our hotel were completely renovated in 2014. Vaeshartelt is a 'hotel’ that doesn't have ‘hotel rooms.’ We prefer to call them bedrooms. Having a place to sleep is the most important function of a hotel room. By leaving out the unnecessary large cupboards and tables and chairs, we have created a comfortable bedroom instead.