Vaeshartelt is a wonderful so-called ‘buitenplaats’, or country residence, in a stunning landscape. Just a stone’s throw away from Maastricht, the city we are fondly and closely linked with. The estate and the castle are situated in the heart of a green and dynamic region that is rich in culture. In the middle of nature, but also in an industrious urban area with European allure. We are Dutch, but a little foreign too.


Vaeshartelt can be found on the northside of the city of Maastricht, in the heart of the so-called Country Estate Zone. The estate has NSW status (as part of the Nature Conservation Act), the buildings are listed National Heritage sites and Vaeshartelt is a legally recognised Complex Historical Buitenplaats.

Conservation of the buitenplaats

For this reason, all profits are reinvested into the park, the gardens, and the buildings that make up Vaeshartelt. The income generated by Vaeshartelt is used exclusively for the conservation of the buitenplaats.

The foundation

This conservation of Vaeshartelt is the objective of the Stichting Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt (Foundation, established in 1992). The foundation’s main activity is asset management: renting out the buildings, so that the resulting income can be used to maintain and preserve the estate. In addition, the Foundation works hard to raise funds and subsidies for special projects that contribute to the restoration of cultural and historical values from the past.