English landscaped park

In 1852, the Maastricht industrialist Petrus Regout commissioned Belgian landscape architect Gindra to design a park surrounding Vaeshartelt. This landscaped park in the English style is still intact today. It offers beautiful open spaces, vistas, tree-lined avenues that have been around for centuries and water features, but also a bee pavilion, fruit orchards, a domed teahouse and a variety of gardens.

Abundance of green

The 23 hectares of nature surrounding the buitenplaats are perfect for a nice stroll, in any season. There are plenty of beautiful spots to rest and enjoy the surroundings. Paths have been created throughout the park and there are information boards to tell you about the extraordinary flora at Vaeshartelt. A place of green abundance, with peace and space for everyone.

Extraordinary trees

In the 18th century, magnificent trees were brought to Vaeshartelt from all corners of the world: sequoias from California, magnolias and tulip trees, Italian poplars, weeping beeches, horse chestnut trees and uncommon spruces and pine trees. The authentic lane structure has been adorned with plenty of extraordinary trees. Even 150 years after being planted, these majestic trees still create a splendid ambiance.

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